* Characteristics of CIPSA Redlines *

The purpose of this page is to provide detailed information to aid in determining whether a car is truly a CIPSA or a domestic (US or HK) version.
The unique attributes of the 33 known CIPSA castings is detailed in the sub-pages under each casting
Click on each thumbnail photo for the detailed description of each casting and additional photos.

Classic Cord
Cockney Cab

Ferrari 312P
Ferrari 512S
Hairy Hauler
Hiway Robber
Jet Threat
McLaren M6A
Mercedes Benz 280SL

Mighty Maverick
Mod Quad
Mongoose II Funny Car
Mustang Stocker

Odd Job
Peeping Bomb
Pit Crew Car
Porsche 911
Porsche 917
Rear Engine Dragster
Rocket Bye Baby
Sand Witch

Six Shooter
Snake II Funny Car

Sugar Caddy
Superfine Turbine
Swingin' Wing
Whip Creamer

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