* CIPSA Sizzlers *

Under license from Mattel, CIPSA was a prolific producer of Sizzlers cars and all things Sizzlers. Mattel released the new battery powered
Sizzler product line for the 1970 toy year and produced them for four model years before temporarily ending production. CIPSA would not
release their own version of Sizzlers until a year later and their production run appeared to have also paused with the 1973 model year.

Later in 1976 Mattel resurrected the Sizzler line with the release of the chromed Sizzlers II line and again in 1978 with the
Night Ridin' Sizzlers line. CIPSA also participated in that brief re-occurrence of Sizzlers with the release of several track sets in 1978.

During the first four years that Mattel produced Sizzlers, they offered three distinct versions that collectors categorize as: Short Battery,
Long Battery and Fat Daddy. The Short Battery cars came first being released in 1970 and 1971, comprising fourteen different domestic models, a
combination of replica cars and concept cars. The eight different models of the Long Battery segment debuted in late 1971 and continued into the
1972 model year. Consisting of both replicas and concept cars, the long battery version is clearly identifiable by the longitudinal placement of the
battery on the chassis. Available only in 1973, the six different Fat Daddys are characterized by the extra large rear wheels on a long battery chassis.

Of the three categories, CIPSA produced only short battery cars. No CIPSA long battery cars or Fat Daddys are known. Of the fourteen domestic
short battery models, only twelve are known to have been produced by CIPSA. The CIPSA produced cars are notably different from their domestic
counterparts in color and decor. Careful inspection reveals some differences also in the design of some of the chassis and wheels.

* CIPSA Sizzlers Production *

For three consecutive years, beginning in 1971, CIPSA featured Sizzlers on the cover of their Christmas catalogs,
with each successive year showing and expanded line of cars, accessories and track sets.

1971 Releases

The 1971 catalog featured Sizzlers on the cover and with a full page of products inside the catalog. Two models are listed as Article 3312
But the Angeleno M70 and the Ford Mk 4 can be see in conjunction with the artwork for two of the accessories, making four models for 1971.

1972 Releases

In 1972, Sizzlers also took the front cover with the introduction of Fat Track. The offering of cars, accessories and track sets
expanded to two full pages in the catalog. Four models were added to the line up for 1972.

1973 Releases

In 1973, Sizzlers took the front cover again with the declaration of "Highly Dangerous"! The offering of cars and track sets remained
at two full pages in the catalog. Four models were added to the line up for 1973, making the total og twelve different models.

1978 Track Set Releases

In 1978, CIPSA released at least four Sizzlers track sets. There is currently no evidence that any new models were sold with the track sets.

* CIPSA Sizzlers Packaging *

Sizzler cars came in track sets and also in clear plastic cubes. Two versions of the folded cardboard pedestal are known, both dated 1971.
The two versions are very similar but there are minor variations in the text and graphics. The earlier one is labeled as Article No. 3312.

Earlier cube (L) and later version of the cube (R)

Rear panel of the two cubes styles.

End panel showing Article 3312 on the earlier cube.

* CIPSA Sizzler Colors *

CIPSA Sizzler came in a wide array of colors. Some cars were painted but others are molded using a colored plastic.
Painted cars have the most variety with use of metal flake and enamel colors.
The table below is comprised of samples of each the 17 known CIPSA colors.

Blue Enamel
Gold Enamel
Green Enamel
Mud Enamel
Orange Enamel
Red Enamel
Aqua Metal Flake
Blue Metal Flake
Green Metal Flake
Purple Metal Flake
Molded Black
Molded Blue
Molded Green
Molded Mustard
Molded Orange
Molded Red

* Chassis Variations *

Four different chassis have been found on CIPSA Sizzlers. Two of them are identical to US normal releases.

1970/71 No "S" Chassis

This chassis, dated 1969, is the same as the first release chassis in the US. It is characterized by having no "S" on the engine compartment.
The method for attachment of the chassis to the body is by melting a rectangular extension of the body through a rectangular slot.

1971 "S" Chassis

This chassis, dated 1969, is the same as second release chassis in the US. It is characterized by having an "S" on the engine compartment
and the addition of two notches at the rear of the engine compartment to accept the lap counter antenna attachment.
The attachment methodology is the same as the "No S" chassis using a rectangular extension and slot.

Pin Chassis

This chassis, dated 1970 is found only on CIPSA cars. It is similar to the "S" chassis but the attachment method has been changed to a pin.
The flexible tab suspension for the front axle has been removed and the area forward of the front wheels redesigned for the pin attachment.
The "S" is preserved and the notches for the the lap counter attachment are still present.

Modified Pin Chassis

This chassis, dated 1970, is also unique to CIPSA. It shares the same modifications as the "pin chassis" but has been modified to accept
either the pin attachment or a modified extension part of the body. The extension of the body has been modified, adding a circular part
in the center of the rectangle to align the chassis with the pin hole.

* Wheel Variations *

The front wheels on some CIPSA Sizzlers are different, using a through hole design vs. the normal capped style wheel.

CIPSA Wheel Variations

The Ford MkIV on the right has the normal two piece "capped" style wheel found on most all CIPSA and domestic Sizzlers.
The Anteater on the left has a one piece "through hole" style wheel with no evidence of a red stripe.

"Through Hole" Wheel vs. "Capped" Wheel

The Anteater model was released in 1973, the last of the three consecutive years of production.
The chassis on the Anteater is a standard "1971 S Chassis". The car is sealed so the wheels are confirmed to be original to the car.

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