CIPSA Sizzlers Sets

Sizzlers Track Sets were made in 1971 though 1973 and again in 1978, with evidence of at least 10 different sets.
Surviving examples of the packaging are known for many of the sets, but other are known only from catalog information.

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Circuito California/8
Circuito Ovalo
Circuito Remolino
Super Circuito Pista Gordo
Alto Peligro
Super 8
Persecucion Mortal
Pista Super Impacto

Pista Centella
Pista Super Peligro

It is my hope that other collectors will contact me with pieces that are undocumented so that they may be added to the Registry.
If you have a CIPSA Set not shown, please contact me and I will add it to the page.
Please send photos, date of purchase, source of the acquisition and any other pertinent info you want to send.

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