Article 3385 : Super Circuito Pista Gordo

Released in 1972, this oval track was called the Fat Track "Big O Race Set" in the domestic market.

1972 Catalog Image

The fastest electric cars in the world! The widest and fastest track! With the width of 3 and 1/2 cars, many can run simultaneously.
Start up to 4 cars at the same time for Le Mans style racing.
Maximum Speed - All the excitement of a real race track!"


This was the first Fat Track set issued by CIPSA. At least one example of a set in the the original package is known.

Super Circuito Pista Gordo in Original Box

The front artwork features two Ant Eaters leading the race against a Spoil Sport and a Sideburn.
The artwork is nearly identical to the US version.

US Version, Big O Set

Box Contents

This photo of the contents of the surviving boxed set shows a "Scramble Start" as part of the set, which is not seen on either of the box fronts.

Artwork on Back of the Super Circuito Pista Gordo Box

However, the layout artwork on the rear of the CIPSA box implies that the "Arancadero Multiple" was included in the set.

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