Article 9277 : Pista Super Peligro

The Pista Super Peligro Set is not shown in any CIPSA catalogs but it is featured on a side panel of the 1978 release Circuito Diabolico set.

Side Panel of Circuito Diabolico Set

Close Up of Panel


In 1978, Mattel expanded beyond the Sizzlers II product line with the newly designed "Night Ridin'" cars. The Night Ridin' cars featured operating headlights
so that kids could play with them in the dark. It is apparent from the layout that this set is a version of the "Day/Night Challenge" that Mattel issued with
the 1978 Night Ridin' Sizzlers. However, the CIPSA version of the set came with previously released Sizzler cars vs. the new Night Ridin' models.

Day/Night Challenge Set

No surviving example of the CIPSA version, the Pista Super Peligro is yet known.

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