Article 3427 : Pista Super Impacto

The Super Impacto set is not found in any of the CIPSA catalogs, but it is shown on a side panel of the Circuito Diabolico set, released in 1978.

Side Panel of Circuito Diabolico Set

Close Up of Panel

"The excitement of a crash and how to avoid it! A high speed skill test!


The "Super Crash Track" appears to be a modified reissue of the 1973 "Pista Gorda Super 8" set (Art. 3387).
The track is molded in blue plastic as opposed to the original black colored track.
It also comes with "goose pump" style chargers vs. the earlier "bomba".

Pista Super Impacto with Original Box

At least one example of a set in the the original package is known.

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