Article 3383 : Curva de Peraltada Pista Gordo

The Curva de Peraltada Pista Gordo is called the "Fat Track Curve Pak" in the US market.

1973 Catalog Image

"Without stopping! The Sizzlers take it at maximum speed. In 3 parts to form turns of 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
Contains 1 curve in 3 parts, 1 package of rubber bands and an instruction sheet."


The Curva de Peraltada Pista Gordo was issued in 1973 along with two Fat Track sets.
As part of the great "find" of 2005, at least 10 examples of this accessory have survived, sealed in the original package.

Front of Package

"180 Banked Curve, wide enough for 3 cars together!"

Rear of the Package

"The cars fight for the lead. See how they pass each other in the exciting banked curve!"
"Add the banked curve to your Fat Track layouts!"
"Convert the curve from 180 degrees to 90 degrees by removing the central piece."
"With 2 curves you can make one 90 degree curve and one 270 degree curve.
"Complete with instructions."

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