Article 3318 : Correcaminos Circuito Doble

Released in 1971, the "Correcaminos Circuito Doble" is known as the "Dual Lane Rod Runner Race Set" in the US market.

1971 Catalog Image

"Sensationally Fast! Contains 2 distinctive Hot Wheels cars, one Double Roadrunner Driver,
2 double banked curves,16 sections of track, 14 unions and 1 double support and an instruction sheet "


This set was one of three track sets offered by CIPSA in the 1971 holiday catalog. It included two Hot Wheels cars.

Front of Package

"Road Runner Lever Drive Unit"
"No electricity nor batteries required"

The word "Correcaminos" translates to Road Runner, like the nemesis of Wile E Coyote!

Rear of the Package

A close reading of the text along the bottom of the box reveals which Hot Wheels cars might have been included in the set!

Top Panel

Bottom Panel

Bottom Panel

Photos of the box side panels do not reveal which of the cars was included in the set.

Contents of the Package

A surviving example of the Correcaminos Circuito Doble, complete with box, instructions from Wave 1.
A closer look at the "window" area shows that the two cars were fastened onto the platform and the buttons
were attached behind the cars which is the same configuration found on the Rampa Veloz set.

Instruction Sheet

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