Article 3317 : Correcaminos Circuito Rapido

Released in 1971, the "Correcaminos Circuito Rapido" is known as the "Rod Runner Speedway Set" in the US market.

1971 Catalog Image

"Contains one Single Roadrunner Driver, 1 distinctive Hot Wheels car, 3 supports, 8 sections of track 2 single banked curves and 8 unions"


This set was one of three track sets offered by CIPSA in the 1971 holiday catalog. It included a Hot Wheels car but there is no indication which car
was supplied. The set likely included a metal button with the a first or second wave car.

Front of Package

"Road Runner Lever Drive Unit"
"No electricity nor batteries required"

The word "Correcaminos" translates to Road Runner, like the nemesis of Wile E Coyote!

Contents of the Package

A surviving example of the Correcaminos Circuito Rapido, complete with box, instructions and a blue Mantis from Wave 1.

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