Article 3356 : Curvas Torbellino

The "Whirlpool Curve" accessory is known as the "High Winder" in the US domestic release.

1972 Catalog Image

"More excitement to the Sizzler track! Form a whirlpool of 4 arcs or up to 4 curves"
"Contains 4 arcs of 270 degrees, 4 poles, 1 protector and instructions!"


The Curvas Tornbellino was issued in 1972 along with Circuito Remolino set.
As part of the great "find" of 2005, at few examples of this accessory have survived, sealed in the original package.

Front of Package

"Accessory for Sizzler cars and Track! Form different layouts with the separate curves"

Rear of the Package

"Add the Whirlpool Curves to your Sizzlers track! They form a whirlpool of three complete laps"

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