Article 3364 : Circulo Acrobatico

Featured in the 1972 Christmas catalog, the Circulo Acrobatico was known as the "Daredevil Loop Pak" in the US market.

1972 Catalog Image

"Defy gravity! It allows a full turn. For HW and Moto Rrrumblers. Contains a base and a track section of 60 cms"


The Circulo Acrobatico was issued in 1972 along with a number of other single orange track accessories.
As part of the great "find" of 2005, at few examples of this accessory have survived, sealed in the original package.

Front of Package

"A complete loop of 360 degrees!"
"Accessory for Hot Wheels and Moto Rrrumblers"

Rear of the Package

"It's easy to make your Hot Wheels and Rrrumbler tracks more exciting! Looks like this"
"1. To assemble the loop, adjust the track section at the upper junctions of the base"
"2. "To join the Acrobatic Loop to the track, insert the track sections of the ramp in the lower unions of the base"

"Cars and track sold separately"

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