Article 3328 : Cuentavuelta Doble

Featured in the 1971 Catalog, the Cuentavueltas Doble accessory was called the "Dual Lane Lap Counter" by Mattel.

1971 Catalog Image

"It serves for 2-lane tracks and counts the laps of each car"


The Cuentavueltas Doble accessory was issued in 1971 along with a variety of other basic orange track accessories.
As part of the great "find" of 2005, at few examples of this accessory have survived, sealed in the original package.

Front of Package

"Automatic Accessory for double lane tracks, Hot Wheels and Sizzlers"

Rear of the Package

"The same as in a real race, it records the number of laps of each competitor"
"It fits into to any two-lane track for Hot Wheels or Sizzlers"
"Includes instructions for its installation and operation"

Contents of the Cuentavueltas Doble Accessory

The Cuentavueltas Doble came with instructions and a sticker sheet

Original Sticker Sheet

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